As a DENIMUSE Brand Ambassador, you'll enjoy awesome perks.

  • Exclusive discount: An exclusive lifetime 10% discount on all clothing purchases for youself or share with your friends, family + followers will get 10% off their purchase, too)
  • Earn money💸💸💸:​Earn 10% commission on any orders you generate, paid via PayPal,the more sales you make, the more benefits you get(including an increase in both commisson and discounts on items)
  • Free products🎁🎁🎁: Once your exclusive referral link has been used 5 times by anyone (your followers, friends, family or yourself), we'll send you something FREE from our website!
  • 30 day cookies duration: This means once someone clicks on the link you've share with them, they can come back any time within 30 days to make a purchase and you'll still get credit and get paid commission for it!

We want people to work with us long-term for a successful partnership! The longer we work with you, the higher your discounts will be (up to 80% off)! 


 To be a DENIMUSE Brand Ambassador,you must be active on Instagram and over the age of 18.simply sign up here so we can register you in our system. Make sure you enter your name, email address, social media accounts, and PayPal email (so we can pay your commissions). Once you're registered you'll get an email with information to help you get started.

How Do I Promote

  • Share your exclusive discount: The best way is to get started is to share your discount code and affiliate link with friends and family so you can reach 5 sales and earn your first free item!
  • Post about us on social media: Use free tool like Canva to create your own posts about our store, products, sales, etc. on social media.
  • Share photos of free products we send: Once you earn free products from us, take photos or videos of them - we love seeing content created by you!

We're so excited for the opportunity to collaborate with our customers and hope you'll decide to join our program! 

Join one of the most positive, supportive, growing brand communities and have a direct influence on DENIMUSE

Can't wait to welcome you to the team!